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It is believed that toxins in the body are strongly linked with insomnia. Our sleep cycle is a complex interaction that involves so many different systems and substances in our body, including hormones, blood sugar, metabolism and mineral balance. Throwing off something like your mineral balance by having too many heave metals in your body can put your sleep cycle in turmoil.


Improve Your Sleep, Safely

So how do you rid your body of the toxins that are affecting your sleep? With the super power of SWEAT!

The heat generated by a far infrared sauna activates the sweating process, and is a safe, effective method of removing fat-stored toxins from the body. The only way to remove toxins from body-wide fat storage sites is to mobilize the toxic fat, dissolving the toxins, and then removing them via the bloodstream/sweat process.

Prolonged higher levels of stress cause a constant release of cortisol and adrenaline into your body that is harmful, potentially damaging your immune system, causing you to retain more fat cells and leaving you prone to depression and insomnia. A lack of sleep from insomnia can be very damaging to your health; it decreases brain function and weakens your immune system. And if you’re serious about staying in shape, sleep is also the time when your body rebuilds the muscles you worked out on a given day, helping you recover and get stronger more quickly.

Inside an infrared sauna, the body relaxes, blood vessels vasodilate and the user feels as if he or she has just finished a workout. Using an infrared sauna in the evening, just prior to bedtime, helps to lull your body into some of the best sleep. The lowering of cortisol levels from using an infrared sauna also helps to lower blood pressure and remove excess calories in the midsection.

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