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It only takes a few minutes in the healing warmth of an infrared sauna to feel it’s effects – relaxation, rejuvenation and renewal. Infrared saunas lower the levels of cortisol in your body, and in turn, your stress level, leaving you with clarity and a feeling of happiness.


Clarity is Crucial

Mental and emotional clarity is crucial to your overall health. Prolonged stress can lead to an increased level of cortisol, wreaking havoc on your body and leading to weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, digestive problems or other conditions. The deep penetrating heat of an infrared sauna is packed with healing power and has the ability to help the body maintain healthy levels of cortisol; infrared sauna therapy relaxes the body and widens the blood vessels, boosting the circulation of blood throughout the body. And since circulation is so important to carry oxygen, infection-fighting cells, nutrients and hormones around the body, this increased circulation can improve numerous health conditions, including heart health, blood pressure, cortisol levels, stress and even pain relief.

Infrared saunas leave you feeling invigorated and generally healthier and more energetic, allowing you to focus clearly. Many of the mental and emotional benefits of infrared sauna therapy are tied so closely together that it’s impossible to say which one causes the other.

I’ve been a member at Jenerate Wellness for over a year now. I use the Infrared Sauna every week and absolute LOVE what it has done for my skin, my mindset and my waistline!! Jen, along with the Infrared Saunas, have changed my life!

Sarah W.

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