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Maintenance And Care

Jacuzzi® Clearlight saunas are made from the highest quality woods. All structures using wood are susceptible to minor dents, scratches and scuffing. This is normal and will not affect the integrity or operation of your sauna.


Wood is a living material that continues to respond to climate conditions, even after being manufactured into a sauna. Variations in the color or grain and irregularities such as fine cracks are part of the natural beauty of the wood and in no way should be considered defects. During normal operation, wood may crack slightly due to the changes in moisture level. This will not affect the structural integrity of the sauna.

Prior to shipping, the wood is inspected for consistency, color and quality. Our saunas are shipped around the globe and can experience slight blemishes, scratches or scuffs in transit. In most cases, these blemishes on the exterior of the sauna can be concealed by using a small amount of furniture polish, oil or other furniture treatment. The interior blemishes, scratches, or scuffs can be either left alone or lightly sanded in the direction of the grain of the wood.  Please avoid any treatment containing benzene or a high concentration of alcohol.

Our philosophy for healthy living extends beyond the human body. We believe that by keeping our environment healthy there are fewer toxins in the air and water and this means less toxins for your body to absorb. We are here to help you stay healthy and, at the same time, ensure a healthy planet. By using sustainable woods and innovative manufacturing processes we help protect our environment.


Not only is your final Clearlight Infrared Sauna an “Eco Certified” product, but our entire process is certified. Our manufacturing facility follows Chain-of-Custody (COC). COC is the path taken by raw materials from a certified source through processing, manufacturing, distribution, and printing until it is a final product ready for sale to you. So your Clearlight Infrared Sauna® is 100% “Eco Certified“, from the original tree to your final sauna model.
Your Jacuzzi© infrared sauna is handcrafted from either Eco Certified grade “A” Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood with individual panels hand selected and matched to a furniture-grade finish.


The solid wood frame is built to last and is healthier for you than plywood frames, which emit toxic fumes when heated.

Easy Infrared Sauna Assembly

Assembly of your Clearlight Infrared Sauna is quick and easy. It usually takes 2 people and about an hour to an hour and a half to assemble the sauna. No tools are required for our Premier saunas and just an included allen wrench and screwdriver are all that are required for our Sanctuary saunas. Your infrared sauna is pre-wired and made with precision craftsmanship so it clips and latches together with ease.

We build your infrared sauna in our factory and run it for 8 hours. We then disassemble it, box it up and ship it to you. This way we ensure you will receive your sauna in perfect condition. If you need help while setting up your sauna, simply call us. We offer support 7 days per week and we are happy to be of service.

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